Mission & Vision

Cross Align Content and Consulting helps entrepreneurs, artists, and nonprofits align their values with a concrete course of action to expand their reach through low-cost, high-quality content and strategic administration.
We see a world where digital content is easily accessible - and business guidance and strategic planning is obtainable - to any passionate, dedicated individual or organization that requests it.

Katie Cross - Head of Creative


Bryce Alexander - Head of Consulting


Founded in 2020 by Katie Cross, Cross Align Content & Consulting was conceptualized during the Covid-19 pandemic, during which time she saw the void of high quality content and the need for long term strategy for small businesses, non-profits, and artists.


As a professional actor, she saw her industry shut down without the resources to keep theaters, small film studios, and artists relevant and engaged through social media and other online platforms. With that need in mind, Katie took advantage of the seemingly unlimited time available to her in quarantine to begin working with businesses that needed extra support, but didn't have the capital to employ large scale marketing teams and content creation media studios.


Small businesses and non-profits immediately became clients - with several clients spread around the United States, included Revival Yoga Fitness Studio in IL, 21 Spices Indian Restaurant in FL, Eaton Senior Living Communities in CO, and The Naples Players Theater in FL.


Within weeks she also began working with acclaimed Colorado photographer Heidi Wagner on one minute videos based on her national campaign on Anti-Ageism. In addition to these and other projects, Katie offered her editing skills to actors, and now helps them to create important ​job-creating content like reels and self tapes.

Her husband, Bryce Alexander, a CEO & Executive Artistic Director came on- board quickly to offer his expertise in business strategies to clients whose needs go beyond content. Helping to build strategies to survive and expand through the pandemic and into the future, Bryce brings about organizational transition and growth through the careful consideration and analysis of the needs, wants, beliefs, and emotions of every facet of the operation.

Here to help you build your strategy to overcoming obstacles, managing transitions, and getting better results, Bryce has worked with non-profits and business in multiple sectors - from Opera to Therapeutic Riding Centers.

With successful careers in their own fields, the pair come together for projects because they believe in the power, passion, and playfulness of their clients.


Whether it is through content creation only, consulting only, or a combination of both, you can have access to high-quality, low-cost strategies that will lead you to the next level.

You can read more about Bryce at: bryceralexander.com

You can read more about Katie at: katiecross.com