From Yoga studios to restaurants and beyond

Whatever your small business needs or wants, starting with high-quality digital content and a concrete map to success is an easy, low-cost, high-impact decision - and we're here to help. 

Chef Asif of 21 Spices in Naples, Florida set out to broaden his connections. After becoming renowned for his upscale, modern Indian cuisine - and subsequently beating Bobby Flay - Chef Asif wanted patrons to feel that his cooking, although upscale, was accessible to families in their own homes. The result was a new YouTube cooking show; giving the chef a platform to continue his FoodNetwork style celebrity, while showcasing the flavors and stories of his meals. Content that would otherwise have cost tens of thousands of dollars was now in-reach.

Meanwhile, Revival Yoga of Palos Heights, Illinois, with a sister studio on Marco Island, Florida needed to continue to serve yogis during quarantine. After successfully engaging students through individual zoom classes, the studios understood the need to continue serving students digitally, but in a higher-quality on-demand format. With a new "online subscription" based yoga membership, the studio is realizing new revenue potential while broadening their clientelle across the country. What had previously been relegated only to large streaming companies, Revival Yoga was able to create dozens of classes delivered virtually in only a matter of weeks - and for only a small fraction of the usual cost.

A Sample of Chef Asif's Content

A Sample of Revival Yoga's Content