From SENIOR LIVING to THEATREs and beyond

Perhaps more than any other industry, non-profit organizations have the most compelling stories to tell. But telling these stories in a mainstream way is often cost prohibitive, leaving non-profits to fend for themselves in creating high-quality content. Finally, the barrier to compelling, low-cost, high-impact digital content and donor connection has been torn down  - and we're here to help. 

Like most non-profits, Eaton Senior Communities in Lakewood, Colorado was deeply impacted by the Covid-19 crisis. With in-person fundraising no longer an option, the organization needed to think fast. With little money available, the decision was made to host their annual gala virtually - necessitating the creation of compelling, mission oriented, donor developing digital content. At a fraction of the cost, the organization can continue to serve its constituents without diverting money from its mission to build such important content.

Meanwhile, The Naples Players in Naples, Florida had to react quickly to create engaging content for their 60,000+ annual ticket holders who were no longer able to attend live theatre performances. Working to engage the theatre's education program, an all digital producion of Shakespeare's As You Like It was built, and regular video updates were created to keep patrons informed and engaged. Now the theatre is able to develop these platforms even deeper to engage new patrons, donors, and board members.

A Sample of Eaton's Content

A Sample of TNP's Content